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About us

Singaport Cleanseas has been taking care of your oily waste since 1972. Throughout the years we have established ourselves as a marine waste disposal specialist with full commitment to environmental protection and resource recovery.

Singaport Cleanseas' reception facility and treatment plant are located on Pulau Sebarok. On this island, the collected waste goes through a comprehensive treatment process. The oil is recovered, waste water cleansed to effluent discharge standard and solid waste reduced to inert ash suitable for landfill.

Together with our barges and class A vessels, Singaport Cleanseas provides a one stop service; from collection, storage, treatment to disposal of your marine waste. Our experience staff and vessels are at your service 24/7.

Indeed, it is this support from our esteemed clients like major shipping partners and ship owners - that has enabled us to grow from strength to strength; providing excellent service to our clients and meeting the requirements.

Yet we are not one to rest on our laurels. With the rapid growth of BRIC economies and strong demand for commodities, more vessels are expected to pass by Singapore waters and with it a growth in deslopping and desludging needs. To ensure that we can continue to deliver amidst this growth, the management has meted out a five year plan to scale up our capacity and further enhance our capabilities.

We are confident that this continuous upgrading and improvement of our service will ensure that our customers will continue to enjoy quality and cost effective clean-up services.

Just like how we have ensured smooth sailing of your operation for over 41 years.

Company Vision

Providing environmentally friendly solutions for your marine disposal needs.

Our Core Company Values

  • Customer Service Excellence

  • Social Responsibility

  • Pioneering Technology

  • Accountability