who are we

Singaport Cleanseas has been taking care of your oily waste since 1972. Throughout the years we have established ourselves as a marine waste disposal specialist with full commitment to environmental protection and resource recovery.

Singaport Cleanseas’ reception facility and treatment plant is located on Pulau Sebarok, where the collected waste goes through a comprehensive treatment process. The oil is recovered, waste water treated within the effluent discharge standards and solid waste reduced to inert ash suitable for landfill. Together with our barges and Class A vessels, Singaport Cleanseas provides a one stop service; from collection, storage, treatment to disposal of your marine waste. Our experienced staff and vessels are at your service 24/7.

The support from our esteemed clients like major shipping partners and ship owners has enabled us to grow from strength to strength, providing excellent service to our clients and allowing us to continue to grow as a company. To ensure that we can continue to deliver amidst the growing demand for deslopping and desludging services, the management is continuously improving to scale up our capacity and further enhance our capabilities.

We are confident that this continuous upgrading and improvement of our service will ensure that our customers will continue to enjoy quality and cost effective clean-up services.

Our MARPOL ANNEX I Reception Facility at Pulau Sebarok is qualified for the collection, treatment and disposal of oily slop, sludge and trade effluents. 

Singapore is consistently ranked one of the busiest and top bunkering ports in the world. Our reception facility is essential to Singapore’s Maritime Industry and prevention of pollution to the sea. It allows the marine waste to be recycled and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner as stipulated under the International Maritime Organization’s MARPOL 73/78 Convention.