marine slop waste

marine oily Slop

Singaport Cleanseas is a licensed collector of oily slop waste authorized by both MPA and NEA in Singapore, one of the busiest ports in the world.

Oily slop waste is diverted to our tank farm and state of the art three-phase decantering plant where it is processed to separate oil, water and sediments/sludge, with each stream undergoing further treatment. While the recovered oil is recycled, the waste water is sent to our waste water treatment plant and the sediments to our sludge treatment plant.

Our waste water treatment plant consists of primary, secondary and tertiary treatment system in order to meet NEA’s stringent trade effluent discharge limits before being discharged to the watercourse.

Our treatment processes are highly effective. In addition, we are continuously upgrading to improve on cost effectiveness and sustainability so as to be able to serve our customers with the highest standards and at the most competitive pricing.

Singaport Cleanseas has a total 10 tanks, which enables us to have ample treatment capacity meeting marine oily slop disposal demands at current. In response to an increase in demand moving forward, Singaport Cleanseas is building an additional 2 tanks which is targeted to complete by the year 2024.